looking for just the right words?

Copywriting isn't your favorite thing to do. Fortunately for you, I love words. I can't be sure if they love me back, but so far they've never let me down.

If you need a writer that can craft compelling copy—or help you with your content strategy—talk to me.



copywriting services

I work with brands and SMBs to craft results-oriented messaging and copy.


Websites, SEO, and landing pages


Ebooks and brochures

Ebooks and brochures

Email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns


Blog posts

Blog posts and long-form content

App and product copy

In-app/product and UX copy


Brand messaging and style guides

Brand messaging and style guides



copywriting is a collaboration

If we work together, here's how the process might look:

  1. A kickoff call to form the creative brief and discover your needs. We define the project scope and other objectives.

  2. Next, we create an outline (or plan) so you can approve the direction. This keeps us aligned toward your goals.

  3. You get your words


Write, rinse, repeat!


Park Life

about me

I'm a copywriter. 

My turn-ons include "excruciating correctness," strawberry milkshakes, and persuasive copy.

I'm an experienced marketing copywriter who specializes in delivering value-driven content for brands. I can produce a range of content types including emails, direct response ads, newsletters, long-form content for blogs/ebooks, or pithy copy for social media. #youcanhaveitall

I'm also a voice and tone expert who has produced style guides for major brands and consulted for startups who are beginning to develop their content frameworks.

If you need to hire a writer for your website, business, or brand—or need advice on your content strategy—talk to me.



A small selection of the work I have done for clients.



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Let's work together to find the words you're looking for.



Vivek Sri, Copywriter

Because words are so in right now.

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